Mother’s Day, Everyday.

Mother’s Day is coming up, and I’ve got to be honest. I really hate the holiday. It’s right up their with Valentine’s Day and celebrating your own birthday for me. I don’t want to be romanced onFebruary 14th because that’s the designated “day of love” and my husband is afraid if I’m the only woman in the world that doesn’t receive special treatment that day I’ll be mad. I don’t want to be celebrated every year on November 7th because someone else had to endure a long, hard labor to bring me into the world. And most of all, I don’t want to be told what a wonderful mother I am the second Sunday of every May just because every other mother is being told so. Personally, I feel like if we as people are doing our jobs right than we’re loving, appreciating, romancing and celebrating our loved ones through out the year. And if we’re not than we have these designated holidays to “make up” for it. Anyway, as Mother’s Day draws near, I want to say something. To all of the moms out there who are looking forward to their big weekend off of being celebrated, I hope it’s everything you’re looking forward to! I hope when the alarm clock, aka the waking toddler, goes off your husband jumps up to the alarm and allows you to sleep in. I hope you enjoy the breakfast in bed your kiddos helped your husband make, I hope you enjoy your personal time and time spent pampering for the day alone, with no distractions. I hope your husband intervenes in all the children’s arguments, takes you to all your favorite places, makes you your favorite meal, writes you a special card and helps your kids to make one, too. I hope you get that mothers ring you’ve wanted, that special plant you’ve had your eye on, the new outfit you didn’t buy for yourself. Whatever it is that you’re wanting out of Mother’s Day, I sincerely hope you receive it! But even more than that, I hope you miss your daily routine. That’s right, I hope you miss it. I hope when your husband gets up with the waking kids you miss their morning snuggles. I hope when you’re patiently waiting in bed while everyone is making you breakfast you miss the innocent morning chatter. I hope the lack of tiny, insistent hands, knocking on the bathroom door while you’re pampering is an absence that you miss. I hope when you’re out and about on your day, or relaxing at home that you miss being the clever mind that solves all the problems and arguments while their daddy does it for you. I hope you miss the messy, chaotic craft time while they’re making something special for you. I hope while dinner is being prepared for you, you miss the comfort of your kitchen, preparing a meal that you know your family will love. When you’re receiving the many hugs and kisses accompanied by a, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy,” I hope you miss the sweet and innocent “just because I love you” hugs and kisses you get on an ordinary day. I hope the next day, when you’re cleaning an extra messy house (because lets be honest, daddy gave it a nice try but he can’t clean like you can)that you aren’t overtaken with frustration or bitterness at the lack of proper cleaning done on your day off. And most of all, I hope at the end of the day, after you’ve noticed all that you missed, I hope, I pray, that you thank God for the best gifts of the day. The gifts He gave you, the ones that give you the right of passage to celebrate Mother’s Day. I pray at the end of Mother’s Day you have a renewed heart of thanksgiving to God for the little lips that likely call you mommy instead of mother, the little hands that make all the messes you clean every day, the little sloppy kisses that grace your cheek, the little arms that wrap around your neck, the little feet that kick you out of bed, and the little whispers in your ear saying, “I love you, mommy!” I hope at the end of your special day, you thank God for the beautiful role that you’ve been blessed with called mothering. Happy Mother’s Day, my friends! Today, and every other day of the year!

If this touched your heart, and you’d like someone to see it, please feel free to share. To be honest, writing this brought tears to my eyes and I’m sure many can appreciate the words God laid on my heart to share.